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Friday Funnies

I Say It’s “Daytah,” You Say It’s “Dahtah” (External Link)

By: Jim Sterne

A poem about the merits of data, and whether it should be treated as a plural word or a singular entity. Can marketers agree on how to treat the word in their industry?

Cartoon: Data Scientist Salary Negotiation
With Data Scientists and Big Data Skills commanding high salaries, new KDnuggets Cartoon from Ted Goff looks at Data Scientist Salary Negotiation Tactics.

data scientist salary

Adobe Ad – “Encyclopedia Sales”

Dilbert Customer Behavior Data

Marketing With AB Testing
The rise of A/B testing has transformed marketing. Marketers can now instantly test and adapt messaging based on live data. A change in something as minor as the color of a call-to-action button can lead to performance improvements though the whole marketing funnel. Read the full article here.

A Game of Social Thrones

At Hootsuite we’re big fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones and with the 4th season of GoT finally here we wanted to do our own rendition of the iconic opening titles. After all, uniting warring kingdoms is a story we know a thing or two about.

“Robot” Ads for Adobe Marketing Cloud

Goodby Silverstein & Partners

online marketing metrics – BS detector

Zaki Usman
A funny video ad from Adobe about online marketing metric keywords

Google Analytics In Real Life – Online Checkout

Shopping online is meant to be easy. Find out where your customers are “checking out” with Google Analytics.

Elizabeth Smalls “Rap-Up”

Elizabeth Smalls
Elizabeth Smalls “rapping up” her 20-minute talk.

The Day Our Privacy Died

Jim Sterne
Julien Assaunge made me shiver
With every WikiLeak he delivered.
Bad news on my modem
And then came Edward Snowden.

Modern Data Analyst

Jim Sterne
A little ditty about what we do for a living with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan

Here’s My Cookie – Can I Track You Maybe?

Adam Greco
Adam’s version of a very recognizable tune.

eMetrics on the Street

Adam Greco
Adam takes to the Streets of San Francisco during the eMetrics Summit to ask a variety of people what they know about web analytics.

Let There Be Light(External Link)

Jim Sterne
A prayerful look at how this industry came to be.

A little eMetrics fun during the break

Jim Sterne
Poke a bit of fun at familiar faces