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Digital Marketing Analytics: Making Sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World (Que Biz-Tech)
By Chuck Hemann & Ken Burbary

Good news: neither have your competitors. It’s hard! But digital marketing analytics is 100% doable, it offers colossal opportunities, and all of the data is accessible to you.


Big Data, Analytics, and the Future of Marketing & Sales
By McKinsey Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Forum

Big Data is the biggest game-changing opportunity for marketing and sales since the Internet went mainstream almost 20 years ago. The data big bang has unleashed torrents of terabytes about everything from customer behaviors to weather patterns to demographic consumer shifts in emerging markets.

It Only Looks Like Magic: The Power of Big Data and Customer-Centric Digital Analytics
By Jennifer Veesenmeyer, Peter Vandre, Ron Park, Andy Fisher

In a world where customer-centric organizations have the marketing edge, advanced analytics is the driving force behind customer experiences. Real-time scoring determines content and product recommendations. Customer segmentation and look-alike models identify who should receive a coupon. Testing determines the coupon value. Attribution modeling and scenario analysis inform media spend.

Google Analytics Integrations: Centralizing Digital Marketing
By Daniel Waisberg

Google Analytics allows Marketers and Analysts to integrate data from other Google products to be viewed and analyzed alongside its standard reports. This means that instead of having to analyze data using multiple tools, it is possible to centralize all information into Google Analytics to make data analysis more powerful. This eBook centralizes everything you need to know about Google Analytics official integrations.

Building a Digital Analytics Organization: Create Value by Integrating Analytical Processes, Technology, and People into Business Operations
By Judah Phillips

Generate Maximum Economic Value from Leading-Edge Digital Analytics and Data Science.

The complete business practitioner’s guide to profiting from analytics on big data.

Build a focused, highly effective, cross-functional, process-oriented analytics organization, backed by the right support from other teams, funded by management, and perceived as successful by business stakeholders.

Learn and apply best practices for every task when executing digital analysis–from planning and strategy to optimization and demonstrating value creation.