Data Driven Business

Jim Sterne, Executive Editor, Data Driven Business Week

Jim Sterne is an international consultant focused on measuring the value of the online marketing for creating and strengthening customer relationships since 1993. Sterne has written seven books on using the Internet for marketing, produces the eMetrics Summit and is co-founder and current Chairman of the Digital Analytics Association.

Adam Kahn, Publisher, Data Driven Business Week

Adam R. Kahn serves as Chief Operating Officer, Rising Media, Inc, as well as Publisher of Predictive Analytics Times and eMetrics Times. A graduate of Northeastern University (M.S., 1996) and Hofstra University (B.A., 1993)...

Measuring Marketing ROI Along the New Path-to-Purchase

The internet has reshaped the consumer’s path-to-purchase more than anything since Bulova aired the first television advertisement in 1941. Although online advertising has been around since Prodigy was promoting Sears’ products in the 1980s,...

Wal-Mart Factors Popularity into Site Search Results

Early results show a 10% to 15% jump in shoppers completing purchases , the retailer says. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. today announced it has launched a new site search tool on that displays higher...

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