Data Driven Business

Stéphane Hamel, Director Strategic Services, Cardinal Path


Stéphane is the Director of Innovation for Cardinal Path and drives the creation of innovative company-wide solutions and digital measurement strategies designed to deliver maximum value and insight to clients.  His knowledge and thought leadership led the Digital Analytics Association to name him as the most influential industry contributors in 2012.

Among his many accomplishments include:  creator of the Online Analytics Maturity Model; creator of WASP (Web Analytics Solution Profiler), and one of the first persons to receive the DAA Certified Web Analyst title.

Stéphane is called upon frequently to keynote and speak at conferences, was a Director and Board member of the Digital Analytics Association, and is frequently quoted in the media on issues related to digital measurement.  He holds an MBA in eBusiness from Laval University (Québec City) where he teaches a graduate class on digital analytics, and also lectured the Award of Achievement in Web Analytics and Fundamentals of Business Analysis classes at the University of British Columbia.

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