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10 years ago
Infographic: How To Optimize Promoted Tweets for Best Engagement Rates!

Promoted Tweets are one of Twitter”s Advertising options to target to your audience, wherever they are on Twitter by paying for it. One of the biggest challenges that marketers & advertisers on Twitter face, after convincing the client to spend on a promoted tweet, is to gain maximum engagement out of it!  So what really drives that engagement? Writing a few characters in a tweet is not enough to make it engaging. What are the features that actually make a promoted tweet interesting enough for tweeple to engage with?

To help brands optimize their engagement, here are the best practices that could help promoted tweets pay off in a better way:

  • Keep your content “Short & Crisp” to be engaging enough.
  • Share “Photos” to higher your average engagement rate.
  • Use a “Haghtag” in your promoted tweet for others to use it too.
  • Use “Clickable Content” carefully.
  • Include @Mention in your promoted tweet.
  • Include an exclamation point!

Quickly check out this insightful Infographic the “Best Practices for Promoted Tweets”!

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