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10 years ago
The Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics: 10 Real-World Use Cases [Infographic]

Predictive analytics can be a confusing topic for even the most experienced marketers. There are behavioral clusters, brand-based clusters, likelihood-to-buy algorithms, and many more predictive models. Luckily for us, our friends over BI Software Insight put together a helpful infographic that illustrates 10 real-world use cases of predictive analytics.

Learn how real-time predictive marketing analytics are being used by major companies like Amazon, Ebay, and Google. You’ll soon discover that these predictive analytics models can take your data and return valuable insights on what truly delight your customers.

This insightful infographic is based on AgilOne’s Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics ebook.


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By: Desmond Wong Desmond, Head of Content, Community, and Creative teams, AgilOne. Originally published at

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