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10 years ago
Video: Agile, Customer Centric and Data Driven: My Dream Venn Diagram

Dispersed data silos, recalcitrant technology, proliferating touchpoints, restrictive budgets, nay-sayers, old-schoolers and progressively demanding customers make managing cross-functional teams a worthy challenge. Stephanie delves into the B2B side of marketing, merchandising and brand management in a multi-device, omnichannel world. Learn what it takes to shape the people, process and technology across more than 70 websites at this $11 billion office supply giant, including the three most important things to know about tag management, what really works for mobile management at the moment and what it takes to bind Voice Of Customer data with behavioral data – at scale.

Speakers: Stephanie Pike , Vice President of Digital and Channel Sales, Ricoh USA

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Stephanie PikeStephanie Pike is the Vice President of Digital and Channel Sales at Ricoh USA.

Prior to joining Ricoh USA, she was the Vice President, e-Commerce for Office Depot. Stephanie has also served in a variety of online marketing leadership roles at Dell, Sears and Circuit City where she was instrumental at driving both innovation and sustained revenue and margin growth through digital channels. She has more than 10 years of e-Commerce strategy, product, merchandising, marketing and analytics experience.