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10 years ago
Video: Keynote: Ninety Percent is Mental

Last year, members of the Digital Analytics Association spent an evening at Fenway Park with Tim. This year, Tim comes to us and shares his analysis of America’s favorite pastime. Fan surveys, ticket pricing, concession stand sales, parking prices and customer segmentation all help Tim keep his eye on the business side of the game.

Speaker: Tim Zue , Vice President, Business Development, Boston Red Sox

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Tim ZueTim Zue currently serves as Vice President of Business Development for the Boston Red Sox, but took an unlikely road to Fenway.

Zue graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1999. Both of his parents as well as all three of his brothers also received their degrees from MIT. There he claimed the title for the 2.70 Robotics Design Competition.

Zue formerly worked for SolidWorks as a quality assurance engineer, Bain & Company as Associate Consultant and the Patrick Lyndon School as a teacher. Joining the Red Sox in 2003, Zue started as a summer intern before stepping into his current position and tacking on Fenway Sports Group responsibilities a year later.