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10 years ago
Video: The Art of Being an Analyst – and the Road to Management

Being an Analyst offers new insight into business and an opportunity to shape the future of a company – but often the workday isn’t all that was promised in the job description. Krista reviews frustrations found in a day-in-the-life of an analyst and discusses ways to improve the work that you do. Steen then offers an operational framework around the analyst to help cut through some of the politics, lack of data and reporting by creating value. Together, Krista and Steen show how to reduce the amount of time needed to do the basics – to open the door to doing true actionable analytics. Practical cases, reflections and exercises help identify the barriers, hidden agents, drivers and many other factors that define the art of being an digital analyst – and pave the way to becoming an analytics manager.

Speakers: Steen Rasmussen , Senior Partner and Scandinavian Online Optimisation Specialist, IIH Nordic
Krista Seiden, Product Marketing Manager, Google

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Steen Rasmussen Steen Rasmussen is one of Denmark’s most experienced online business profiles and presenters within Digital Analytics. Not only a Certified Digital Analyst, he currently serves as chair of the Digital Analytics Associations certification board. He is also the national representative of the Digital Analytics Association in Denmark and has more than 10 years of practical experience with online optimization of websites and web analytics – references range from strong Nordic brands such as Vestas, Danfoss and Ericsson to international profiles like Oracle, Skype and Johnson & Johnson.